The City of Isalan

The City of Isalan sits at the western edge of the Great desert, a half-day’s journey from the azure waters of the Argarian Sea. Once but an obscure oasis, it was proclaimed by a seer that the waters could heal and then foretold that a jewel would rise from it's sands.

Pioneering seekers began to settle around the oasis and they soon discovered that a well dug anywhere would yield life-giving water. People began to come from hundreds of leagues to settle there and a jewel did rise as a city grew around the wells. It came to be known as Isalan, the City of Life, and it became the gateway to a new passage through the deserts center.

The sovereign rulers in the North built a fortress on its highest hill to guard it, but Isalan grew beyond its protection. A great wall was built around its outer reaches, but the city continued to grow. After a thousand years a fair half of its citizens lived outside the ancient wall.

Sarah and her family run a trading business, the Merchant’s Haven, in the southeast corner of the city, at the very edge of the desert.

An ancient map of Isalan has been discovered and been recreated for your pleasure. Please explore some of Isalan’s places of interest on this Map of Isalan