The Golden Sands of Isalan

Sarah: The Tales of an Extraordinary Girl

Sarah: The Story

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Isalan: the City of Life. Located in the timeless desert kingdom of Serenia, its colourful characters and busy streets set the scene for the adventures of Sarah, a young girl destined from birth to a great cause.

The tales blend mystery and mysticism with magic and culture as they tell the story of her beautiful and sometimes daunting life. They take you on a journey through her trials and triumphs as she grows into a young woman and develops the knowledge and metaphysical skills needed to fulfill her purpose, a purpose that is slowly revealed as the tales unfold. In the process, Sarah learns some of the life's most vital lessons.

Ultimately, the odyssey is about discovering one’s path in life and choosing the values to live by. The stories have several layers of depth to explore: at one level they are enchanting adventures through a mythic landscape; at another they depict psychological and spiritual truths that can inform and guide the inclined reader. In essence they combine story telling and map-making in the ancient tradition of the teaching tale.

We invite you to explore Sarah’s world through the introduction to Book One which provides a brief synopsis of the tales contained.

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