Meditation in Sarah's World


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Throughout the Golden Sands saga, you'll often read about Sarah using meditation. It is a core skill and a critical practice for her training under her Aunt Medea. But what exactly is meditation? In the simplest of terms, it is a means of quieting the mind and becoming deeply aware of the present moment.

It is observed in most great spiritual traditions that the only thing that is truly real is the present moment. What has already happened no longer exists and we can only experience it through memory. What has yet happened does not yet exist and can only be experienced through imagination. Both memory and imagination are creations of the mind, they are mere fictions within the virtual reality we carry around in our heads. As useful and as important as this virtual reality can be, it is the great deceiver; it can seem so real that we tend to confuse it with the physical world we all share. Because our virtual worlds are always based on misconceptions, inaccurate perceptions, hopes, fears, and things that are not real, it is said to be the cause of all human suffering. Meditation then is a way of putting our virtual reality aside and becoming aware of what is truly real.

As a tool, Sarah uses meditation to calm her busy "energetic mind" so that she can tap into her intuition and consult with her inner wisdom. She also uses it to gently release her mind from the confusion and fears generated within her virtual reality. There are other reasons why meditation is so important to who Sarah is and how she is becoming and these will be revealed in upcoming volumes of her stories. Please visit this page again for updates on some of Sarah's favorite meditations.

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Sarah's Meditations