Healing and Medicine in Sarah's World

Healing and Medicine in Sarah's World

Healing and Medicine

The people of Serenia do not enjoy the benefits of modern science and medicine that we do today, but they are not lacking. They know and use ancient technologies that work well, often better than their modern counterparts, and their healers know how to use physical treatments like herbs, massage, therapeutic baths, and even surgery when needed. They are well versed in the psychological aspects of illness and are knon to use art, dance, behavioural prescriptions, and good counsel. Perhaps most intriguing is that some healers are trained to call on spiritual forces to heal (magic). Most important, many Serenians have a respect and deep connection with earth, and an appreciation for the spirit realms and that help them attain health, happiness, and balance.

    Sarah's Aunt Medea is a respected healer of the highest order. She is thought by many to be a benevolent sorceress, and is feared by those with malevolent intentions. Sarah has been training under her aunt since she was seven years of age, but in her world, healers usually train for 30 to 40 years before they are considered competant. Her Aunt Hassina is a very well trained and gifted herbalist, but with just less than 30 years of training and practrice, she is only now becoming accepted as a healer by the community. Listed below are some of the herbal medicines commonly used, though it is believed many times that number were actually used.

Herbal Medicines

  • Balladia - A bush. The berries have a stimulant effect and the dried leaves can be used to counteract relaxants.
  • Bozhon Bark – A medicine that is used in advanced healing arts to give the practitioner greater focus, insight, and ability to remain within the present moment.
  • Chassal Root - One of the many seeds used in medicinal preparations.
  • Fervin - A desert herb that grows in the hottest and most dry places. It is of the sun and is used in the treatment of fever as well as other maladies associated with excess “heat.” Used also as a restorative after deep involvement in meditation or ceremony.
  • Kensha - A powerful toxin from a rare mushroom from the great jungles to the far South. It acts like Curare.
  • Liesia Plant - A rare plant that grows only in certain remote regions in high mountains. Its tiny white flowers are thought to be the favourite of powerful protector spirits. When the ashes of the Liesia plant are sprinkled around a person, it is said that no harm can come to them.
  • Locta Seeds - One of the many seeds used in medicinal preparations.
  • Oshat - Bear Root
  • Ramora Leaves - These leaves are used as a muscle relaxant and sedative.
  • Ram’s Weed – A coastal plant who’s roots are used to increase male energy and vitality. In men it generates greater prowess, energy, and aggression. It does the same for women but to a less extent. Some women, however, become very agitated and aggressive on it.
  • Tantelia Root - This is a root whose dried power act as a stimulant or as a counteractive to most soporific agents.
  • Venot Oil - A liniment used on horses and camels.
  • Xelian Leaf – A rare plant that has very powerful medicinal properties but should not be misused since it can be very dangerous to work with.